About Me

julieAs a child of the 70’s, Julie’s writing career began on a Smith Corona typewriter, where she hammered out terrible short stories about dog catchers and homicidal identical twins who conspire to get away with murder. Throughout high school, she hand-wrote essays that challenged even the most accommodating creative writing teachers. In college, on a blessed Magnavox word processor, she translated Beowulf onto ninety-four pages of special paper that ultimately lost all traces of ink and simply became ninety-four blank pages of not-so-special paper.

After receiving her degree in English Literature from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Julie earned her teaching certificate and taught seventh grade English and several after-school creative writing programs. It was during this time she developed a keen ear for adolescent drama and knew that young adult fiction was the path her writing journey would take. Although she left the classroom years ago, her passion for crafting dark, edgy stories continues. Happily, on a computer.

Julie knows that success as a writer is a goal no one can achieve alone, which is why she is actively involved in the writing community—attending conferences and workshops, meeting with fellow SCBWI members for a monthly critique group, and holding various committee positions for YARWA.
While her sons have already flown the coop, Julie and her husband still occupy their own slice of paradise in South Florida.